How Legal Malpractice Happens and how to Handle It

Many clients nowadays have an issue of communication with their attorneys. This is especially if you are dealing with an attorney who doesn't pick your calls or return your emails. By doing so, your attorney is violating his ethical responsibility of communication. In this case, you need to write your attorney a letter asking whether he has a reason to go silent on you. If he replies with a valid reason then you can actually decide to solve this with him. Don't be rude to your attorney in the letter this might lengthen the silence. You might use mediation to solve the issues between you and your attorney. If this doesnt work, you can just fire him and get another attorney. Learn more about Legal Malpractice,  go here.

Attorneys are required to be honest and do their job with a lot of competence. If your attorney lies or misleads you, you may want to get another attorney. If you feel that he does his duties without a certain level of competency, you need to report him/her. This may happen if your attorney lies to you or a judge. It may also happen if your attorney is misusing your funds. You will file a complaint against him. If there are any follow-ups that are required, they can happen later. Find out  for further details on Nursing Home Neglect Lawyer right here.

If you find that you cant trust your attorney you may decide to investigate him. In this case he may not be doing enough on your case. If you feel that your attorney is not doing enough you need to have a talk with him about it. In this case you can actually request your case file from him. In case you decide to hire another attorney before getting your case files, you can ask your new attorney to help you get the case files back. If he refuses with your case files you can actually sue him.

Other clients conflict with their attorneys due to failure to document all fees used. This leads to financial disputes. An attorney can avoid this by documenting all fees transactions and payment details. This also helps the attorney so he will not end up doing unpaid work. There are attorneys who don't meet deadlines. This can lead a client to sue him. But before suing your attorney, you need to talk to him and understand why they didnt meet the deadline. There can be a variety of reasons an attorney was late to finish a case. These may include family emergencies or setting the wrong dates.
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